PEEPS: A peep into the next-generation creator economy

PEEPS is a new social platform aiming to snatch part of the €104.2bln market share

What’s wrong with the creator economy today?

Your dream came true: you’re becoming an influencer. You reach 100k subscribers and your best content is reaching 1M. You’re the new sensation. But how much money are you making? Less than you think. Middlemen are keeping a big piece of the pie.

This is insane. And not just for you, the influencer. But also for you, the fan.

Because you may just discover your new favourite TikToker tomorrow, the new Khaby. And you love his videos so much, you want to be a part of it somehow. But the comment section is a battlefield and the creator couldn’t read them all even if he wanted to. You want to express love, you want to participate somehow. But you can’t.

The problem

The YouTube talent and Instagram star is getting robbed, while the TikTok creator is disconnected from his/her fan base. Every time, there’s a centralized middleman interfering.

And while you can put your money on a company or a cryptocurrency by purchasing stocks or tokens, you have no way as a fan to bet on an artist.

This is what’s wrong with the creator economy: middlemen hampering creation, revenue and creator-fan synergy. Everyone depends on the middlemen. This is why popular music, modern art and fashion are so criticized: the link between the creators and the fans is broken.

Fixing the industry

So, how do we get rid of middlemen, and how do we connect creators and fans?

Imagine a platform where content creators and fans can earn based on the success of the content: this is PEEPS. The social platform where fans can stake on their creators to share their successes. And earn $PME in return.

Followers benefit from their influencers' success via Revenue Sharing

PEEPS is building a win-win situation: creators and fans get 100% of what they deserve and are incentivized to connect with each other. The fans are themselves incentivized to give social proof and exposure to the creators they like. The community is skimmed out of the casual watchers, the usual haters and the flood of comments, leaving only the real fans in touch with the influencer.

Did you love a song, a video or a picture from your favourite influencer? Now you can subscribe to their channel, stake your $PME on them, create social value and earn every time someone purchases their creation or subscribes to their channel! And better yet: get the privilege to write to them directly, if they allow the functionality.

You want to monetize your content? Mint your own channel with a public and a pay-per-view feed. Gather your community and interact with your fans. Produce exclusive content just for your closest followers.

Sneak peek: the PEEPS Creators and Watchers

This is our vision of the next generation of the creator economy: everyone wins when good content is published. This is our core values while building PEEPS and its exclusive platform features:

  1. No middlemen at all: only creators and the community are getting paid
  2. Creators are free to monetize what they want, at the price that they want
  3. Creators and fans are incentivized to engage together with name staking: fans are stacking their $PME on a creator to give them social value. And earn, in return, when other fans are subscribing and buying content.

Entertainment, education, sports, gaming, adult content: there’s room for every actor of the creator economy on the PEEPS platform. That’s why it is called “The People’s Platform”.

30% of the kids want to become an influencer when they grow up. May they accomplish their dream in a world that rewards their creativity properly!

Learn more about PEEPS and follow us

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